About Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Doctor

Ohio’s best medical marijuana doctors- we claim we’ve got them!
Our 420 doctors believe in creating a pro-cannabis ecosystem for all patients reaching out! This is why we’ve combined our medical knowledge with technology, providing virtual consultations via a telemedicine platform.

All our doctors have been state certified to evaluate your condition and recommend medical marijuanna just after consultation. The doctors understand you’re in pain and are making an effort to simplify the complete process.

Your safety and comfort is our priority and we ensure neither of the two are ever compromised. The evaluation process is easy and quick, we promise to not keep you waiting.

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Mission & Vision

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Increased Access to All

We’re on a mission to reach even the remotest part of the state and help patients relieve their chronic conditions with medical marijuana. With an online platform, the restraints of distance and time can no longer limit us.

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Making it Mainstream

Cannabis, today, slowly becoming mainstream, is now recognized as an alternative treatment. We envision a state of affairs where this treatment will be available to every patient who can benefit from its assistance.

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A Clinic You Can Trust

We value every patient and understand your discomfort, which is why we’re available for you round the clock. Our online virtual consultation services are a means for you to get a medical marijuana recommendation without stepping outside your comfort zone.

We’re making every effort to streamline the process for our patients and ensure that every medical history and private consultation is protected. With our HIPAA compliant platform and a team with strong ethics, all necessary steps are being taken to respect your privacy.